Thank you for your interest in real estate and for connecting to this site. Farm And Land Real Realty, Inc. is a service based business that helps both buyers and sellers in a competitive market place. We strive to do this with fairness, and integrity. We specialize in farms, land and hunting properties in Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

If you are a owner of a property, we can work with you to sell your property for the highest and best price. If we list your property for sale, we would work with any Realtor who called, and would split our commission with them. We make sure that any property we show is shown to a financially qualified buyer only.

If you are a buyer looking for a property we will try to find you a property that fits your needs. If you are a buyer, we can work with you as a buyer's agent and represent you and can show you any property available for sale.

We have sold properties for farming, hunting, development,
recreational use, and for country residences.

We do not discriminate on property use, and we believe in property owner rights. If you feel you should preserve your farm, and protect it from development, that is your right. If your farm is zoned for residential development, and you want to sell it to a developer, that is your right, as well.

We have worked all over Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We have limited coverage in some areas. Please call us at (717) 464-8930, or email us at We can discuss your specific location needs.

Our company is comprised of people who want to establish and maintain a relationship with clients, and help them achieve their goals. We take the time to find out what our clients really want to accomplish. We utilize our knowledge, experience, common sense, and industry contacts to help our clients succeed.

We all have strong farm backgrounds, and our varied work experience has helped us work together very effectively. Most of us have been self employed for many years, and we know how to solve problems, and get the job done. We know farming, and we have been engaged in the farming industry all our lives.

We have the flexibility to tailor make a real estate package that fits your needs.

There is no layer of management in this organization. One phone call to the Broker gets your question answered, and that can be done any time of the day of night. We run a low overhead business. Most of us have our offices in our homes, and we don't have any big egos to feed. If you are expecting a big, lavish office to meet us in, you better call someone else. If you leave a message for us, we will call you back or return an email as soon as possible.

We are independent, and are not affiliated with any real estate franchise, particular developer, or company. We work for our clients, whether we are selling for a development, a commercial farm, a horse farm, a piece of hunting land, or an estate type property.

Please take a look at our listings, and let us know what you think. If you do not find anything that interests you here, please contact us and let us know what type of property you want us to find for you.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to hear from you.

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